Contact Us


If you are interested in purchasing some rabbits from us or have any questions regarding our Mini Rexes, Standard Rexes, or Lionheads please email us at



or call us at(613)646-9558.


Serious enquires only! First come, first serve. Will be willing to deliver within the Renfrew County area, or to shows we will be attending(which will be posted on the Shows & Winnings page).

We are currently located in Renfrew, Ontario.

Thanks for viewing our site!:)      



5 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Shannon

    Do you have any Rex for sale?

  2. Joanne

    Hi there, do you still have rabbits for sale?

  3. Are the two Broken Chocolate Rex still available?

  4. Pam Martin

    Hi Susanna. Ria Ralph arranged for me to pick up 3 rabbits from you near the end of this week for the Cedar Hill Christmas Tree Farm. When and where should I plan to get them?

  5. madelene S white

    i’m researching a bunny for a pet. I’m looking for a rabbit that is laid back, not too skittish,, likes to be pet a lot. Doesn’t mind frequent handling. I’ve read about many of the breeds. A smaller rabbit would be preferable as I live in an apartment.

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