Rex Does

Senior Does


Black Spruce’s Isabelle


Birthdate: December 3, 2016         Tattoo: RXI1
SIRE: Slovak’s Allister        DAM: Hilltop’s Chinaza
Legs: 4
Isabelle is an amazing asset to the herd! She has great type, fur, and is an
incredible mom! Some of our finest offspring is from her.


Black Spruce’s Soraya


Birthdate: August 15, 2017         Tattoo:
SIRE: Hilltop’s Li’l Will       DAM: Black Spruce’s Isabelle
 Soraya is our youngest doe. She has amazing potential to be an incredible
show animal! Her personality is great, and she has the type and fur to go far.


Black Spruce’s Opal



 Birthdate: April 12, 2017         Tattoo:
SIRE: Hilltop’s Li’l Will        DAM: Hilltop’s Chinaza
Legs: 1
 Opal is an extremely sweet girl! She is an incredible mother, and is currently raising
a young litter. She has done well in shows, with a great coat and type!


Junior Does




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